The Jordan Media Institute's alumni network is growing every year. With 122 graduates holding a master's degree in Journalism and New Media in collaboration with the University of Jordan, the alumni pool stretches well beyond Jordan's borders. Many graduates are currently working with reputable news entities locally, regionally and internationally. The sixth intake of students graduated in October 2015.


Internship Opportunities:

The Jordan Media Institute internship program helps to link qualified students to internship opportunities with regional and international news entities upon graduation. The core principle of the program is based on merit and quality of work. Those who meet the requirements are nominated by JMI to sharpen skills they acquired during JMI's academic year. The goal is exposure to objective, credible and professional journalism standards. Among the entities that offered JMI nominees internships are AFP in Paris, CNN Arabic in Dubai, DW in Berlin, EFE Spanish News Agency in Cairo, and Al Arabiya in UAE. So far, about 41% of graduates interned outside of Jordan. 

Graduates' Testimonials:


Mustafa Khatib was offered an internship at Al Arabiya upon graduation and later received a full time offer as a writer with the news channel.

"The greatest benefit I derived was from JMI's faculty and their practical approach to teaching material that certainly pushed me forward. Another benefit was qualifying for an internship through JMI. What I was exposed to at the institute both in print and broadcast journalism strengthened my skills and background and better prepared me to work in news organizations. JMI's intensive, practical and professional program is what empowered me to enter the work field ready and prepared."
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Nadine Jitan was offered an internship with Aljazeera Arabic in Ramalla and later worked with ABS office there as a producer for one year.

"It is difficult enough to face the world upon graduation and JMI's support during that time helped me on many levels. Qualifying for an internship at Aljazeera Arabic at a time when jobs are so scarce, opened the door for me and I now have a full time job with ABS. The institute re-enforced the importance of objectivity especially during these times when media fabrications in the Middle East are common. JMI strengthened my belief in journalism as an ethical profession and my days at the institute further deepened my conviction. Verifying information and sources, accuracy and objectivity in reporting are all skills I learned at the institute and was able to demonstrate in my daily work today."

Diala Al Azzeh was offered an internship at AFP's office in Paris upon graduation. This is what she had to say on her first day:

"I'm so happy of being graduated from JMI, because we really work as an agency, from what I saw today at AFP, I noted that I know all the things that they do, and I know how to do it. I remembered our English workshop with you (Instructor Dunia Kamal), and how you explained how the wires work, it’s exactly the same, I was so happy to be one of your students and a student at JMI. They (At AFP) work on Final cut pro, and so do I!"

Nooshin Al Kilani interned at Al Arabia news channel upon graduation and is now a Multimedia Producer with Skynews Arabia. She covered the Feb 17th anniversary of the Libyan revolution from Tripoli and Benghazi, February to March of 2013.
"The fact that one can obtain a masters degree in one year in an intensive program was very practical to me. One of the greatest opportunities the Jordan Media Institute offered was the internship program that was like a wide open gate to work opportunities of the same professional calibre and distinguished journalistic competence."
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Hala Sroor Habbazi interned at CNN Arabic and is currently the Senior Editor and Social Media Admin for Sayyidaty Magazine in UAE. She also presents a weekly segment on Rotana Gulf.
" I benefited from all courses at the Jordan Media Institute specifically from the Broadcast and Digital Media ones. Interning at CNN Arabic also provided me with a practical environment to train on topic selection and objective news writing."
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Anas Al Majali is an established host at Jordan TV
"The institute is a unique educational incubator. In my opinion, all elements of skilled professors, appropriate training enviornment and cutting edge technologies contribute to this program that has no parralel in the region."
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Mohammad Nawaf Al-Dwairi graduated in 2010 as part of the first in-take. He's the Media and Public Relations Spokesman at the Jordan Industrial Estates Company. Mohammad received a prize for his breast cancer coverage.

“Jordan Media Institute added a lot to me; I learnt working under pressure and within a team, it also strengthened my research skills, taught me how to collect information in an orderly manner, as well as refining my skills as a journalist.  JMI was a start point that I’m extremely proud of”.

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Sari Abdul Haq interned at Al Arabia news channel in Dubai upon his graduation, then worked as a Project Coordinator for “Media in the Face of Corruption”, a project that was meant to produce investigative reports in the West Bank and Gaza.

“The Jordan Media Institute gave me a lot of experience in journalism and media. Since 60% of JMI’s curriculum is practical, students graduate with a practical experience that is typical of their field of work”.

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Osama Abu Dhair interned at CCN Arabic in Dubai upon his graduation, and then joined MBC Group.

“The Jordan Media Institute gave me great experience, especially in the field of television production. I also benefited a lot from JMI’s academic staff  and its distinguished guests who have unique practical experiences. The training opportunities that were made available to me granted me the chance of familiarizing myself with media organizations and journalists”.

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Balsait Ibrahim interned at CNN Arabic upon graduation and currently works there at the Dubai Bureau as a Multimedia Producer.

“I received ample insight about how journalists really work in the field and the importance of multitasking throughout my studies at JMI, and those qualities are helping me to excel in my current job. JMI helped me to believe in myself and my capabilities, and that’s something to remember for a lifetime.”

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Ahmad Thahir interned at Al Arabiya upon graduation and is now working as a Presenter/Editor at Dijla TV in Amman, Jordan.

“JMI contributed a lot in polishing my skills and abilities, and reinforced them with a readiness for field work. This was accomplished with the help of professors who combined both the theoretical and practical sides of journalism education in their instruction.”

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Alaa Al Shamma is currently Russia Today's Correspondent from Jordan. He interned at Al Arabiya TV upon graduation where he produced 11 TV reports within one month.

"The Jordan Media Institute is a qualitative addition to how Journalism is taught in Jordan and the Middle East. What distinguishes the Institute the most is the high professionalism of it's faculty members. With all due honesty, attending the Jordan Media Institute changed my life's path from an ordinary journalist to professional one which brought about the opportunity of joining one of the important international TV news entities."

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