Students Eligible for Admission into the Programme

The Jordan Media Institute (JMI) welcomes to its Master’s Degree programme all applicants wanting to make journalism their profession, or those already working in the media and journalism field in addition to students wishing to develop their skills in this field.  JMI also gives the opportunity to non-Jordanian, Arabic-speaking students to join the programme.

General Conditions of Admission:

  • In possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in any branch of knowledge.
  • Study should be on a regular basis in a university recognized by the University of Jordan.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree average of no less than “Good” or equivalent.

In case allocated seats are not filled as per the above conditions, the Institute may accept no more than 20% of the seats reserved for admission to the programme for holders of:

  • A Higher Diploma with an average of no less than “Very Good”
  • A Bachelor’s Degree with an average of “Satisfactory” on the condition that the student takes three Master’s Degree courses during the first semester as set by JMI in order to join the programme.  These will be standard courses for all students applying to the programme, and students will have to pass the courses with a C+ mark and a grade point average of no less than (3.00) points in order to become a regular student.  If students pass, these courses will be added to the courses they completed from the study plan.  If not, they will be dismissed from the programme.
  • A passing mark in the “TOEFL” exam or equivalent as per the instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education or the Higher Education Council regarding this issue.

Specific Conditions of Admission:

  • Students have to join on a full-time study basis during the entire study period
  • Pass all the written tests set by JMI in addition to an oral test (interview) after passing the written tests

Required Documents:

Fill out the Application Form and attach the following documents:

  1. Copy of the Graduation Certificate of the Bachelor’s Degree (certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education).
  2. Copy of the grades’ transcripts of the Bachelor’s Degree (certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education).
  3. Equivalency of the Bachelor’s Degree from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education for non-Jordanian degrees that need equivalency according to the Ministry’s requirements.
  4. Copy of the grades’ transcripts from High School certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Education or its equivalent.
  5. Original TOEFL exam results.
  6. Three (3) recommendation letters (academic or professional).
  7. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  8. Personal Statement.
  9. Certified copy of Personal ID for Jordanian students.
  10. Certified copy of passport for non-Jordanian students.
  11. Certified copy of birth certificate for Jordanians.
  12. Four (4) personal photos.
  13. Samples of previous Journalistic work (s), if available.

Important Notes:

  1. The application form is considered complete only after fulfilling all stated admission requirements and submitting the required documents that are properly certified; otherwise,  JMI has the right to dismiss any incomplete application without reimbursement of the fees.
  2. In all cases, accepting an application does not guarantee that the student will be admitted to the programme. The application acceptance means it will be reviewed and assessed by JMI and consequently a decision will be made regarding admission as JMI sees fit.
  3. In all cases, JMI has the right to reject an application without stating the reasons.

Admission Fees:

  1. Fee for submitting an application for one time only is (20 JD) for Jordanians, and (150 USD) for non-Jordanians.
  2. Fee for Admission for one time only is (150 JD) for Jordanians and (750 USD) for non-Jordanians.
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