About JMI

(JMI)’s goal is to become a Centre of Excellence in journalism education in Jordan and the region. JMI provides two pillars of services – a one year practical MA in Journalism and journalism training programmes, in Arabic.
JMI offers the Master’s Programme in cooperation with University of Jordan in accordance with the academic agreement between the two institutions.
JMI’s goal is to offer the best standards of journalistic practice with an emphasis on the traditional aspects of journalism such as writing and reporting, ethics and community issues. This, combined with new media courses, will enable JMI’s graduates to compete regionally and internationally.
Journalism academic experts from Jordan, the region and around the world have developed a unique practical curriculum and courses that are benchmarked on international best practices while considering the uniqueness of the Arab region. World-class facilities, including newsrooms and studios, enable our students to learn production techniques on the very equipment they will later use as professionals.
“JMI’s goal is to offer a new level of journalism education in Jordan and the region, to help improve the public trust in journalism and empower a new generation of writers and thinkers capable of setting the standard for professional journalism in the Kingdom as well as the region and pushing Arab journalists to the forefront of international media activity”. Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali, JMI Founder.
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