Values & Objectives

  • Excellence
We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism education.
  • Professionalism
We prepare students for the marketplace by emphasizing accuracy and ethical journalistic procedures, enabling each graduate to enter the field with the integrity and experience they need.
  • Innovation
We offer cutting-edge facilities and courses in new media that allow us to meet the challenges of the digital age.
  • Objectives
JMI’s unique Master’s Programme and professional training will:
  • Advance excellence in journalism education.
  • Develop the skills of aspiring and established journalists.
  • Introduce practical, real-world instruction to the region.
  • Advocate serious, accurate and comprehensively researched journalism. Commit each student to respecting journalistic ethics and universal human rights.
  • Facilitate the transition of our graduates into the professional field. Provide the public with increased access to fair and balanced news.
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