MA in Journalism and New Media

JMI’s Master’s program, comes in response to the pressing regional demand for a professional and highly qualified workforce in the Arab media industry. The one year, full time, practical MA program is taught in Arabic. JMI offers the Master’s Program in cooperation with the University of Jordan in accordance with the academic agreement between the two institutions. 
The curriculum is designed in a way that will allow students to enter the journalism field with strong practical skills that they can apply in the workplace. It offers cross-media platform training in print, online, television and radio journalism, to help students meet the changing needs of the industry.
While courses in reporting, writing, media law and ethics are mandatory, students are exposed to specialized courses and lectures in:
  • Investigative journalism
  • Business journalism
  • Scientific journalism
  • Social affairs and journalism
  • Regional Issues

Other applicable topics, such as culture and the environment, will be considered according to demand.
Our program’s unique nature stems from its capacity to maintain international journalistic standards, taking into account specific characteristics of the Middle East’s media environment and culture.
An enriching cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge and skills is ensured by our curriculum, which was crafted by some of the world’s leading journalism professors from Columbia University (USA), City, University of London (UK), Superior School of Journalism of Lille (France), Technical University of Dortmund (Germany), Professional Journalism Training Program offered by the American University of Beirut (Lebanon), along with members of the Jordanian industry and academic community.
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