Admission Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for enrollment in the Master’s program:

General criteria:

  1. Applicants must be holders of a Bachelor’s degree in media or any other academic field with an overall standing of no less than “good” or its equivalent from a university or academic institution recognized in Jordan.
  2. If the seats allocated as per item 1 of this article are not filled, no more than 10% of the seats allocated for the Master’s program can be given to students with:
    • A Higher diploma with a rating of no less than “very good”.
    • A Bachelor’s degree with a rating of “satisfactory” or its equivalent, on condition that the student successfully completes 9 credit hours during the first semester. These are unified for all students accepted in the program on this basis, in accordance with the track the student is enrolled in. The student must pass the three courses with a minimum score of C+ in each, with a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.0. The student then becomes a regular student, with these courses calculated as part of the study plan credit hours. If these conditions are not met in full, the student will be expelled from JMI.
  1. Applicants must prove they pursued a regular course of study in the Bachelor’s degree program at an accredited university.
  2. Taking item 3 into consideration, students who earned a Bachelor’s degree through distance learning can apply for the Master’s program if the following conditions are met:
  • They studied a qualifying program of no less than 30 credit hours at a public university.
  • The compulsory courses in the qualifying program correspond with the student’s specialization and the equivalent Bachelor’s degree in the public universities.
  • They passed the qualifying program with a cumulative grade of no less than 70% or its equivalent at the University of Jordan (2.57 out of 4).
  1. Applicants must provide a certificate indicating they passed the foreign language condition as per one of the options listed in the table below, in accordance with the principles approved by the UJ Dean’s Council.


Type of Exam

Accredited Center

Grade Required

Equivalent Exam

University of Jordan Language Center only



AMIDEAST in Jordan only



BRITISH COUNCIL in Jordan only



Goethe Institute in Jordan



French Cultural Center in Jordan



Special conditions:

  1. Applicants must be able to engage in fulltime study without conflicting lecture hours or timings of assigned activities.
  2. Applicants must submit two academic and/or professional recommendations. Click here to download the recommendation letter.

Preferential standards:

Preference will be given to according to the following scores:

  • 20% for general rating of the Bachelor’s degree.
  • 60% for the JMI written examinations.
  • 20% for the JMI interviews.
  • Interviews will be offered to applicants who score a minimum of 30 out of 60 in the written examinations.

Important notes:

  • JMI retains the right to decide the number of students that will be accepted into the MA program at the start of every academic year, as well as the number and type of scholarships to be granted.
  • JMI retains the right to impose additional enrollment conditions for the MA program, provided they do not contradict the regulations.
  • Applications for the program shall be submitted on the form issued by the JMI Admission and Registration Office, within the designated period. All the required documents shall be attached to the applications.
  • Successful candidates shall be selected according to the preferential standards outlined in the special conditions.
  • A student cannot enroll in any other program in another university or academy while studying at JMI. Otherwise, the admission will be considered null and void, with the student bearing full legal and financial responsibility for such an action.
  • Students that are expelled from the MA program may not be accepted into it again.
  • Students cannot transfer to JMI from a Master’s program at another university or institution. Also, any courses taken by students at other universities or academies cannot be transferred or calculated. 
  • These directives will be updated regularly, as per decisions taken by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the University of Jordan.