The Academic Agreement with the University of Jordan

The JMI has signed an academic agreement with the University of Jordan under which UJ supervises the implementation of the regulations for awarding the Master’s degree in Journalism and New Media. The agreement also stipulates that UJ monitors the application of registration criteria for students and their fulfillment of graduation requirements in accordance with the study plan and cumulative grades. 

Under the agreement, the UJ Dean’s Council grants the Master’s degree upon the recommendation of the JMI academic committee. In addition, the UJ president, attends the JMI graduation ceremony every year and presents the certificates to the students. 

Furthermore, the agreement states that JMI shall comply with UJ standards and regulations, as well as the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission’s directives governing its study programs, faculty and student enrolment criteria. 

However, the specificity of the JMI master’s program and its focus on practical training to enhance students’ knowledge and skills may require amending these standards and regulations in consultation and coordination with the relevant authorities at UJ and JMI. 

To ensure the sound application of registration and enrolment procedures, including auditing documents and certificate equivalence, JMI implements them as per UJ regulations and instructions.