National Population Media Strategy 2018–2022

JMI research unit collaborated with experts in population media to write the National Population Media Strategy as part of the “Development of the National Population Media Strategy (2018–2022)” project in cooperation with the Higher Population Council and the USAID-funded Cooperation with Jordan Communication, Advocacy, and Policy (JCAP) program.

The strategy aims to create a national media agenda to bolster efforts to benefit from the demographic window of opportunity, in addition to building professional media capabilities specialized in development and population issues, enabling journalists to access population-related data and creating a supportive legislative environment. It also seeks to raise public awareness to adopt attitudes that support population issues and enable media practitioners to convey their message to every family and citizen in Jordan. The strategy provides relevant, accurate information on population issues for journalists and sector stakeholders, thus creating a reference framework in this field and developing media content for family planning.

The strategy is available in Arabic language.