Project: Storytelling and Giving Youth a Voice in the Media



Strengthening awareness and knowledge of Media Literacy for young Jordanians enrolled in public schools, aged 14-16 by providing them with the skills to consume and produce media wisely, ethically, and creatively.


Project Description:

  • Training given by the teachers in school covering MIL basics and video production
  • Educational computer games and board games that introduce key ideas in media and digital literacy.
  • An interactive summer camp where students can practice what they have been learning at JMI studios.


Project Outcomes:

The emergence of citizen governance as a force in bridging the gaps in the public sector where the "Storytelling and Giving Youth a Voice in the Media" project aims to enhance awareness and knowledge of media literacy for Jordanian youths enrolled in public schools between the ages of 14 and 16 by providing them with the necessary skills to consume Producing the media wisely, ethically and creatively so that they become empowered citizens and active participants in their societies.



Public schools enrolled students for the age group 14-16 years old.