• Jordan Media Institute

    The first Arab educational institution to develop its journalism curricula by benefiting from elements of the digital environment, as well as focusing on building a strong cultural knowledge base among its students.
  • Media and Information Literacy

    JMI seeks to spread Media and Information Literacy in schools and universities and amongst youth.
  • Field Work

    More than (60%) of JMI curriculum focuses on practical learning and field work.
  • Newsrooms and Educational Facilities


    The institute provides facilities needed for the educational process including classrooms, newsrooms, training rooms, equipment, radio and television studios.
  • Conferences Media Research

    JMI convenes conferences and forums on a regular basis, in order to provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge and expertise and support for media research.
  • Library

    JMI library includes a variety of books and publications on mass communication and media; in addition to other special collections of media archives, on-line search engines and academic journals.
  • High Quality Training Programs

    Our training programs focus on quality and excellency through integrating technology and innovation.
  • “Akeed”

    the First internationally accredited Fact-Checking monitor in Arabic

    The Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor, performs its media mission of verification, truth protection, in accordance with clear scientific, professional, and ethical standards, As one of 237 global monitors in 80 countries around the world

Our Success

Basic Indicators for Educational & Training Programs (by end of 2020)

  • 288
    M.A. Program Graduates
  • 369
    Training Programs
  • 7266
    Number of Trainees
  • 88
    Graduates Employment

Latest News


10 Oct
Beginning of First Semester 2021-2022
10:00 am to 15:00 pm
03 Oct
27th Teachers workshop on MIL
12:00 pm to 17:00 pm
29 Aug
19th Teachers workshop on MIL
09:00 am to 15:00 pm

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    محاضرة للصحافية رندا حبيب للحديث عن تجربتها الصحافية خلال عهد جلالة المغفور له الملك الحسين بن طلال

    محاضرة للصحافية رندا حبيب للحديث عن تجربتها الصحافية خلال عهد جلالة المغفور له الملك الحسين بن طلال

    12 Feb 2020
    Journalist Randa Habib talks about her journalistic experience with His Majesty King Hussein Bin...

    تعزيز مهارات جيل جديد من الصحفيين

    تعزيز مهارات جيل جديد من الصحفيين

    04 Feb 2020 Yemen Hall
    Empowering a new generation of journalists in Jordan with skills to support press freedoms and...

    مناقشة رسالة الماجستير للطالبة ولاء الرواشدة

    مناقشة رسالة الماجستير للطالبة ولاء الرواشدة

    30 Dec 2019 class room 1
    The role of Jordanian parents in directing their children towards watching YouTube From Media and...