Values & Objectives


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism education.


We prepare our students for the job market by focusing on accuracy and ethical journalism, enabling each graduate to enter the media industry with the integrity and expertise they need.


We offer cutting-edge facilities and courses in new media that prepare students to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Social Responsibility

We affirm the public’s right to knowledge, thereby reinforcing the solid foundations of the media’s role in improving the quality of life, safeguarding democratic principles and effecting positive cultural and social change.


JMI’s MA specialization and intensive training programs seek to:

  • Promote excellence and distinction in journalism education.
  • Develop the skills of new and experienced journalists.
  • Introduce practical and realistic teaching methods to the region.
  • Encourage serious journalism based on research and accuracy.
  • Instill respect for professional and ethical journalism standards and adherence to international human rights principles.
  • Facilitate graduates’ transition to the labor market.
  • Provide the public with accurate and balanced news.