Projects 2014

A cooperation agreement was signed with the Norwegian Institute of Journalism in 2012 for culture and expertise exchange by implementing several activities to support the media sector and training.
The aim of the project is to spread the culture of accountability among media outlets, journalists and society and to promote the culture of quality journalism by continuously improving the profession’s inputs and outputs. It also seeks to contribute toward raising the performance of local media outlets by providing a professional and academic platform to verify news items.
The project aimed to develop principles of human rights media coverage and detect human rights violations through the media.
The project aimed to empower Jordanian journalists with additional skills and innovative tools to facilitate a wider-scale dialogue on human rights, contribute to creating a general culture that is respectful of human rights, effect positive change in society and support constructive dialogue on these issues.  
The project aimed to facilitate progress in the MENA region’s media reform process by empowering decision makers, media regulators, audio-visual broadcast commissions and leaders of journalist unions to access knowledge and expertise.