Impact on the Labor Market (Annual Report)

A JMI alumni database was developed in 2016 and it is updated periodically by following up on graduates’ employment status, as well as their workplace location and country of residence.

By the end of the academic year (2018/2019) and the graduation of the Tenth intake, the database indicates that 90% of the 252 JMI alumni are employed, 5% are pursuing PhD programs and 5% are unemployed.

JMI alumni working in journalism are employed by a diverse range of media outlets, including local media institutions such as Jordan Radio and Television, Jordan News Agency (Petra), Al Mamlaka TV Channel, and the daily newspapers; in addition to regional and international media outlets such as Al Arabiya, Sky News in the UAE, BBC News, Al Jazeera in Qatar, and Al-Hurra in the US.




    JMI Alumni – Employment Status (end of 2019)
   Description Number Percentage
   Working in the Media 172 68%
   Working in Other Fields 55 22%
   Pursuing a PhD 13 5%
   Unemployed 12 5%
   Total 252 100%