Specialized Professional Training Programs

JMI organizes training courses, workshops, and seminars targeting media and journalism practitioners. It collaborates with journalism and media institutions in Jordan and other countries, including Al-Jazeera Media Institute, to create training programs tailored to meet the industry’s needs. The focus is on practical learning, using the latest techniques to train journalists on applying the knowledge and skills they acquire.

Well-known experts and journalists with diverse backgrounds and media specializations from Jordan, the region, and the world conduct the training.

JMI has successfully held more than 270 training programs over the past years, the majority of which were free of charge. Over 6,000 participants and journalists working in audiovisual and digital media institutions from Jordan and abroad participated in these programs. Training courses and workshops designed to prepare graduates to enter the media job market were also held. In addition, young Jordanians living in the governorates were trained on various social media and citizen journalism skills, as part of outreach services covering communities outside Amman.

Moreover, JMI contributed to capacity building programs for staff of civil society organizations, as well as public and private institutions, with the help of experienced local, Arab, and foreign experts and trainers.

For more information about our media training and capacity building programs, take a look at JMI Training Brochure.

Main short training courses offered by JMI (2 to 10 days):

  • Video Journalism
  • Cross Media Platform
  • Reporting on Human Rights and Gender Issues
  • In-depth Reporting

Print Media:

  • Fundamentals of journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Specialized reporting
  • Advanced editorial skills
  • Interviews
  • Writing and producing news stories
  • Investigative journalism
  • Journalistic investigations
  • Data journalism and infographics

Broadcast Media:

  • Presenting television programs
  • Presenting television news
  • Television production
  • Television direction
  • Television montage
  • Producing television reports
  • Television correspondents
  • Making short films
  • Television documentaries
  • Television filming
  • Studio management


  • Presenting radio programs
  • Presenting radio news
  • Voice and presentation skills
  • Producing radio programs
  • Radio direction
  • Producing radio reports

Digital Media:

  • Digital media technologies and applications
  • Mobile journalism
  • Employing smartphone applications in journalism
  • Digital and electronic journalism
  • Blogging and digital writing

Media and Communications for Organizations:

  • Using social media in favor of journalism
  • Managing public relations and communications for organizations
  • Media spokespersons
  • Creative writing and advertisements
  • Skills for handling the media
  • Dealing with the media during crises and disasters
  • Using the media in election campaigns


Facts and Figures on Training and Capacity Building

Year Workshops Trainees
2019 61 981
2018 55 1027
2017 50 1566
2016 20 379
2015 29 582
2014 38 671
2013 35 700
2012 19 415
2011 3 70
2009 – 2010 21 335
Total 331 6726