Project: Documenting Media Coverage of the Great Arab Revolt in the Arabic Press


The project aimed to collect, document and preserve the political memory of the Great Arab Revolt as reflected in the Arab press during the first quarter of the twentieth century. It further aimed to raise political and social awareness on the values of the Arab Revolt and offer a new perspective.

Project Description:

The project entailed collecting and archiving news items, articles and images related to the Great Arab Revolt that were published in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt between June 1916 and September 1918, then reproducing the material in the form of modern publications and digital media tools, as well as exhibitions, seminars and a documentary film.

Project Outputs:

  1. Printing approximately 100 of the articles published in the local and Arab media during the Great Arab Revolt and publishing print and digital issues of these items.
  2. Displaying the collected images and articles at the “The World Wakes Up to the Great Arab Revolt” exhibition, which was organized in Amman, Maan and Mafraq.