JMI Policy on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Jordan Media Institute believes that each individual is entitled to enjoy all the rights and freedoms stipulated in international conventions without discrimination of any kind. In addition, the institute believes that all human beings possess dignity, inherent values, and equal and inalienable rights as a basis for freedom, justice and peace worldwide.

We realize that the concept of disability is still evolving, and that disability occurs due to interaction between disabled persons and barriers in their environment which prevent them from participating fully and effectively in their society on an equal footing with others.

In line with its national role and social responsibilities, the JMI is committed to international provisions and principles, as well as articles in the Jordanian Constitution, covering the rights of persons with disabilities. In this context, JMI staff and students are engaged in:

  1. Affirming respect for the rights of persons with disabilities, their dignity and freedom of choice. The institute seeks to train and qualify its staff and students to strengthen these principles.
  2. Affirming the principle of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination of people on the grounds of disability by giving them fair opportunities in recruitment and student admission at the institute.
  3. Emphasizing the principle of gender equality among people with disabilities.
  4. Ensuring the rights of children with disabilities, building their capabilities, developing their skills and enhancing their integration into society by encouraging students to produce press material that would motivate these children and strengthen their opportunities of integrating in their communities.
  5. Underlining the need to provide the appropriate facilities to enable persons with disabilities to exercise their right and freedom to benefit from certain services.
  6. JMI is committed to providing the necessary facilities for persons with disabilities by making its buildings and rooms easily accessible to them.

JMI supports media practices that take into consideration the rights of persons with disabilities by:

  1. Showing interest in the affairs of persons with disabilities in terms of media coverage and content.
  2. Considering the needs of persons with disabilities in access to media content, depending on the kind of disability.
  3. Encouraging the media to have fair representation of people with disabilities when public issues are discussed.
  4. Supporting persons with disabilities who wish to enter the media profession by developing their skills.
  5. Disseminating awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities in society.
  6. Disseminating ethical and professional principles in news coverage of people with disabilities.
  7. Monitoring violations of the rights of persons with disabilities committed by the press and other media outlets.